Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meeting Nancy Alcorn

Meeting Nancy Alcorn

I want to share with you about the first time I met Nancy.

It began with an introduction about the ministry of Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries through some good friends of Nancy’s, Armond and Bonnie Morales in the summer of 1991. Armond and Bonnie told us of the great work Nancy was doing in helping young women overcome deep seated struggles and problems that had a stronghold on their lives. Shortly after that discussion we met Nancy Alcorn in person and instantly saw the love and compassion that she had for these young women and her strong desire to fully restore these broken lives. In addition, both myself and my wife, Linda were very touched by the three pillars that Mercy Ministries was built around. 1) No young woman would ever be turned away for lack of money to pay, they all enter the program free of charge, 2) Tithe 10% of all donations received to other charitable organizations and, 3) never accept any money from any Federal or State agency. The reason being that Mercy would then be unable to freely talk about the Saving Grace and Restoration Power of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Linda and I have financially supported Mercy Ministries on a monthly basis since that time and strongly believe that Mercy Ministries is changing lives in a way no other state organization or institution can.

In closing I want to let you know that Mercy Ministries has started a new video blog with lots of great footage of Nancy travelling around the country, talking to graduates, and hearing from Mercy staff members. This last video blog posted has footage of the Barlow Girl, Million Voices tour that came to Oceanside, CA a couple of weeks ago. It’s so great to see the awesome impact Mercy Ministries is having all over America and with awesome supporters like Barlow Girl! Watch the video here:

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